About Paul


Paul Andrews is the current CEO of the digital publisher Andrews UK Limited, in Luton, UK. Paul also has interests in various other companies and ventures.

(A few of the photos on this site are current but are mostly older ones - more new ones soon !)

He was most famous previously for his involvement with the retro gaming scene in the UK, (and the founding of a games company - Alten8), both though physical retail of classic games, and development of retro titles on modern formats, such mobile phones and the Nintendo Wii platform.

The founder and creator of retro gaming internet hub Retro-Trader, Andrews was responsible for the running (according to the Alexa Internet Traffic Ranking system) of the one-time world's most popular online retro Classic Game store.

Paul has written various eBooks, several of which have topped the Apple iBookstore category charts for that genre.

Recently, Andrews has moved into writing for film and television, and is the writer and producer of Concrete Surfer and A Dream of Christmas 3D, and other ongoing media based projects.

Paul is also keen on working with, nurturing, and potentially investing in new bright talent, and ventures.